Inside The Walt Disney Family Museum Anniversary Film

In celebration of the museum’s anniversary we will be screening our anniversary film, which gives a behind the scenes look at the creation of The Walt Disney Family Museum.

Diane Disney Miller at construction site; collection of the Walt Disney Family Foundation.Walt Disney is famous for reminding his audience that “It all started with a mouse.” at the Walt Disney Family Museum, we like to remind our guests that the museum all started with a woman, more specifically Walt’s daughter, Diane Disney Miller. Much like her father, Diane had a story she wanted to share with the world, a story that took shape as a museum chronicling her father’s personal and professional life to provide a comprehensive look at the man behind the company.

Here at the museum we like to think Walt himself tells the story, as his voice is heard throughout. Walt felt animation was a true art form and championed his studio to push the medium to grow artistically. The main galleries were designed to advance technologically as guests progress through each room. In this way, the galleries mirror the evolution of Walt's career through the decades.

Our anniversary film offers a unique opportunity to see footage unavailable outside of The Walt Disney Family Museum. The film is narrated by those who knew Walt best, his family, and takes you on their journey from discovering Walt’s awards at the Retlaw offices, to the first gallery display on Gorgas Avenue, and finally to our scenic location in the Presidio.

Diane once said “The truth is so important to me. Not an exaggeration or beautification of his life.” Walt gave the world so much joy with his gift of storytelling and ingenuity. Here at The Walt Disney Family Museum we uphold the gift Diane gave of the true story of Walt Disney’s life. We hope all of our members and guests leave the museum feeling inspired by Walt’s personal story and the vast body of work he and his artists helped create. Come enjoy these special screenings of our anniversary film all about the making of The Walt Disney Family Museum.

Fun Facts

Diane Disney Miller at construction site; collection of the Walt Disney Family Foundation.-Each room in the main galleries chronicles a chapter in Walt’s life. The walls covered in wallpaper focus on the personal videos, photos, and stories from Walt’s family.

-The paintings on view in the lobby were originally displayed in Walt and Lillian’s home.

-It took 847 days to complete the remodeling of the building and installation of the galleries

-Walt’s Oscar collection featured in the main lobby is also the largest collection of Oscar awards outside of Hollywood.

-The “glass curtain wall” in gallery 8 where you can look out to the Golden Gate Bridge is 23,800 pounds

-The handsets located in the main galleries change designs as technology advances through the decades.

-Walt and Diane are represented twice in the model of Disneyland; you can find them through the entrance of the castle holding hands in Fantasyland as well as inside the only red Autopia car carrying two people.

-As a tribute to Walt, his red Carolwood barn was included on the model of Disneyland in gallery 9.

-If you look closely you will find a sea monster hiding in the lagoon in Tomorrowland.

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Jenna Benton

Guest Experience Associate at The Walt Disney Family Museum

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