Voice Acting History and Technique

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Since technology allowed for sound in film, voice acting has been a crucial component of successful animations. Walt Disney himself was the original voice of Mickey Mouse and pioneered the concept of using celebrity actors to voice characters in his films. Today, some actors specialize in voiceover work while others are successful in other areas before being cast as a voice actor. In this panel discussion, join Bill Rogers, who currently voices many of Disneyland's public address announcements; Frank Gladstone, CEO of Gladstone Film and Executive Director of ASIFA-Hollywood; and video game voice talent veteran, Brian Sommer. 

About the Speakers

Bill Rogers

Bill Rogers is a Southern California-based voice actor who narrates TV shows like Strange, Most Haunted In America, and National Geographic’s The Shadow Wolves. Voice over and commercial producer for over forty years, Rogers is the voice for automotive to zoos. As a narrator, Rogers’ expertise in medical and scientific terminology keeps him in demand for clients IBM, Boeing, Beckman-Coulter, and Schneider Electric and 75 of the Fortune 100. Roger’s announcing skills show up at amusement parks across America including in Anaheim, Hollywood, Santa Monica, San Diego, New York, Richmond, Orlando, and Tampa, as well as Osaka and Tokyo in Japan.

Frank Gladstone

After managing his own Emmy Award®-winning animation studio and also holding management positions for Disney, Warner Bros. and DreamWorks, among others, Frank Gladstone is now the CEO of Gladstone Film, consulting on animation, filmmaking skills, and story structure for feature film and game studios worldwide. He also writes and teaches about animation, film history, production techniques, and cinematic fundamentals across North America, Europe, and Asia. Gladstone recently directed the independent feature The Hero of Color City, is artist-in-residence for the ACME Network, serves as Executive Director of ASIFA-Hollywood (the world’s largest honorary animation association), and is Executive Producer of the Annie Awards, dedicated to celebrating animation achievements. Gladstone has also served on the board of directors of the Visual Effects Society.

Brian Sommer

With an impressive vocal range, Brian Sommer had brought vocal life to all manner of characters. From sinister to silly, Sommer can be heard in over 250 video game titles, voicing hundreds of characters. He enjoys all roles that come his way, but has always been partial to the villains. “The bad guys always have the best lines, and you can get away with so much, playing characters with no morals”, Sommer says. Sommer is honored to have contributed his talents to some great projects. His titles include Diablo III, The Walking Dead, League of Legends, Sam and Max, Tales of Monkey Island, The Wolf Among Us, Watchdogs II, and scores more. Sommer never had any aspirations to act on camera or stage. “I am a voice guy” says Sommer. “The acting craft has many different disciplines. Voice over has always been my focus. It has special challenges all it’s own. After all, what does a raised eyebrow sound like.”

Voice Acting History and Technique
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