Stop-Motion Animation Ball Bounce

  • Date & Time

    Sun, Apr 30 | 1:30–3pm
  • Cost

    FREE for members or with general admission
  • Location

    Learning Center

Stop-motion animation is a 100-year-old art form that has been used in special effects, television, and film and launched Walt Disney’s career in animation. Some of Walt’s best known stop-motion animation can be seen in the Toy Soldier sequence of Babes in Toyland (1961) and the cleaning the playroom scene from Mary Poppins (1964). Using paper cut outs and stop-motion animation techniques, participants will create a ball bounce animation. This program is drop-in and is suitable for all ages and all levels of experience.

This program is presented in conjunction with Teen Animation Festival International and is brought to you by Teen Squad volunteers—learn more about joining the Teen Squad here