Sunday, April 8, 2018

Open 10am - 6pm
  • Beginning Animation

    April 8th | 10am

    In this six-week class, be prepared to rethink and reimagine ideas and designs as you learn what it takes to be an animator. Drawing, painting, and sculpting techniques will be explored alongside The…

  • Dumbo (1941)

    April 8th | 1pm

    Enjoy Walt Disney’s favorite film, Dumbo, whose star Walt once called, “the Ninth Wonder of the World.” It’s a charming tale of an elephant who is ridiculed for being different, but…

  • POP UP STUDIO | Friendly Fears

    April 8th | 1:30pm

    In Walt Disney’s animated short The Reluctant Dragon (1941), we encounter a dragon who is not a fearsome monster but rather a bubbly creature who loves poetry. The dragon was specifically…

  • Treasure Island (1950)

    April 8th | 3pm

    Ahoy, mates! Avast and prepare yourself for Walt Disney’s first live action feature-length film, Treasure Island. Based off the novel by famed author Robert Louis Stevenson, join a young…

Schedule subject to change. Please check calendar or ticket desk on the day of your visit for most current schedule.