Imagineering: Audio-Animatronics® and Robotics

  • Grades

    Grades 4-12
  • Date & Time

    Mon, Wed, Thu & Fri | 10am–noon and 1–3pm | Grades 6-12
  • Cost

    $10 student, $12 adult
  • Location

    Learning Center

In the galleries, students encounter Audio-Animatronics, a technology first invented by WED Enterprises during the early 1960s. As a forerunner to contemporary robotics, the Audio-Animatronics technology inspires students to apply critical thinking skills during this hands-on workshop. In teams, students become Imagineers and are challenged to navigate complicated paths using block computer programming. Together, they control Sphero SPRK robots for speed, travel duration, and precise angle of trajectory. 



Scholarship Programs, Admission Waivers, and Bus Scholarships

Scholarship Programs

We are committed to quality education and providing every student with the opportunity to benefit from our curriculum-based school experiences. To ensure that under-resourced schools can take part in our school experiences, we offer two scholarship programs.

Admission Waivers

Scholarships are available for museum admission for all Title I schools. Please indicate your Title I status on your registration form or contact for more info.

Bus Scholarships

Bus scholarships are available for field trips scheduled during the academic year for Title I schools in the San Francisco Unified School District. Teachers are responsible for booking their own buses.



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Imagineering: Audio-Animatronics® and Robotics
  • $10 student, $12 adult
  • Learning Center