School Resources

A variety of resources are available for teachers and their students to use at the museum and in the classroom.

For Teachers

Our Common Core State Standards—aligned guides, activities, and classroom kits—support an active approach to learning that allows students to develop curiosity, problem solving, and discussion skills while exploring Walt's life and work.

Pre- and Post-Visit Lesson Plans

Our pre- and post-visit lesson plans include information and activities to prepare you for your visit to the museum and activities to be completed back at school to extend the learning.

  • Imagination Foundation: Pixilation
  • The Magic of Storytelling: Zoetrope
  • The Magic of Storytelling: Storyboarding
  • Imagineering: Creative Problem Solving
  • Technological Innovations: Animation

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Multiplane Educator Guide

The Multiplane Educator Guide presents detailed information about the Multiplane Camera, one of The Walt Disney Studios’ most important and influential technological developments. The educator guide provides supplemental materials needed for you and your students to complete the pre- and post-visit activities and includes instructions on how to build your own Multiplane Camera. The guide is aligned with Common Core State Standards and is designed to ensure that students are actively engaged in their own learning.

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For Students

Students can use these comprehensive resources detailing Walt’s biography when writing reports on his life and legacy.

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Multiplane Classroom Kit

Borrow a Multiplane Classroom Kit and animate your classroom! The kit includes a Multiplane Camera, an iPad, animation software, and all of the disposable materials you’ll need to create animated films with your students. Use in conjunction with the Multiplane Educator Guide, or bring your own curriculum to life through animation! For more information, contact