Painting with Shapes with Tom Matousek (Ages 8–14)

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  • Grades

    Grades 3-8
  • Date & Time

    Sun, Jan 7 | 1:30pm–3:30pm
  • Cost

    $20 youth members | $30 youth non-members
  • Location

    Learning Center

Walt Disney has been iconized in many artistic forms over the years, and local portrait artist Tom Matousek’s tribute to him has gained the respect of artists and fans alike. Join Tom for a unique workshop where you will have the opportunity to use shapes to create an abstract painting, similar to the technique that Matousek uses in his prismatic portraits. All workshop supplies will be provided by the museum.

About the Instructor

Tom Matousek

Tom Matousek is a San Francisco-based, award-winning artist who began his artistic journey by studying cartoons as a child and in a short time, could draw almost anything from memory. His meteoric rise as a prominent mural painter soon landed his artwork in the homes of professional athletes, high-end restaurants, and at AT&T Park.  These commissions soon drew the eye of San Francisco’s world renowned theater district, where Matousek began a career in set design that ultimately led him, in 2010, to win a Shellie Award, the East Bay’s version of the Tony’s.

All the while, Matousek continued to experiment with portraits on canvas, using abstract shapes in order to define his artistic voice even further. It was during this explorative period that Matousek began to compose faces using sharp, geometric forms. Although this style, at first glance, appears to be about the individual shapes and colors, it is more about light value, and how that causes the human eye to manipulate the shapes and colors involuntarily in order to find a cohesive form.

Most recently, Matousek has painted for Pat Benatar; Neil Giraldo, former SVP of Google and current Softbank CEO; Nikesh Arora; and TOMS founder, Blake MyCoskie, in addition to countless portraits of celebrities, world leaders, and global icons. With all of the famous faces to have graced Tom Matousek’s canvases over the years, it is only fitting that he now turn his deftly trained brush towards one of the most iconic faces in the entire world, Mickey Mouse, thus making his childhood dream to paint authorized Disney artwork come true.



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Painting with Shapes with Tom Matousek (Ages 8–14)
  • $20 youth members | $30 youth non-members
  • Learning Center